Photoshop Retouching

As you might have seen from my recent tweets, on Thursday evening (well 1.00 Friday morning really) I photographed the incoming Councillors for the Borough of Broxbourne, a job I have been photographing for 30 years, its great to turn up each year to see how people change and to see old friends and acquaintances. I really enjoy this type of job as I know I have got only one chance to get it right, therefore the pressure is on.

I turn up well in advance to a local council hall (where the counting takes place) and build a studio set, with camera on tripod, background and 2 Elinchrome lights, from the time the votes areĀ announcedĀ I got 15 minutes to photograph 25 councillors and then I was asked to shoot a group of people for there own keepsake (and I always help out if I can, in business you try never to say ‘NO’) here is the group shot I took in a few seconds at the very end when everything was clearing up around me.

The background is only 6 foot wide (ideal for 1 or 2 people) therefore we have to use Photoshop to clone the background across to make it look perfect, not a bad result for a few seconds the work, and the people in it will be delighted. The pictures show before and after…