Beginners Photography Course

One of the reasons I absolutely love presenting our 4 hour beginners digital photography courses each week is the amazing diversity of the people attending. Last weekends course was no different, we had a heart consultant, an IT expert, a new mum, a journalist, a banker and a few others, but what I loved this week was a lovely Grand dad with his Grand daughter. Neither had a camera (so they took shots with our studio camera a Canon 5D) and wanted to learn as much as possible before going out and buying a DSLR.

Now Abbey was about 14 years old and John had retired and it was really lovely to see the way they interacted, especially in the studio when it came to taking portraits of our model. I love seeing the different approach that people have to taking pictures and how most get absorbed in what they are doing and even forget where they are and who is around them whilst taking pictures. Here is a portrait that each took, John’s one is Jade in B/W

with her hand running through her hair, both are great high key portraits of which they should feel proud. I’m looking forward to tomorrows course as I already have been asked some great questions in advance that people want me to cover. Its great being a photographer!