New Weddings

Anyone who has been on one of our 4 hour Introductory digital photography courses will know that I show a couple of images from our Environmental portrait courses, one taken on a Nikon D700 and the other taken on an iPhone. We have a vote on which one is taken on the iPhone, and the room usually splits 50-50 or near enough, which just goes to show the enormous improvement in the quality of mobile phone technology in the last year. I end by saying,’ in my hands or the hands of a good photographer, you can get great images from an iPhone, BUT I would not want to shoot a wedding on it’….

Well last week, I attended my Niece Julies wedding (a charming lady who is very creative as a clothes designer and loves taking pictures herself and is very good at it), a wonderful day in every way, perfect venue, delightful weather, everyone there for the right reason, it was lovely. Our wedding photographer Brett was the main photographer shooting the whole wedding on a Nikon D700, I used my sons Nikon D80 as a second shooter (something we try and do on all our Ray Lowe Studio Weddings, always try and give a bit more, even when you are not charging for it) and Julie finished up with over 850 wonderful wedding images.

One of Julies oldest friends Mark took a few photographs, he is a BBC cameraman, therefore someone with a creative mind and an eye for a shot. Well he shot the whole wedding alongside Brett shooting on only his iPhone. Mark took 196 iPhone images all in Hipstamatic mode, all B/W. During dinner he printed them all out to 6″x6″ image size, stuck half of them in a guest album which then went around the wedding tables during the evening festivities for people to write comments on.

I have to say I was very impressed, not just for his dedication to a cause for a friend, but the whole add on, it created for the bride. The iPhone pictures were excellent, the feel of them was very 1930′s as was Julie’s wedding, but I now believe any photographer who wants to add a bit more to their coverage could do a lot worse than offer this type of idea. I now will no longer say, ‘iPhone’s are good, but I wouldn’t want to do a wedding on one’, because I think, I might just do a whole wedding on one!!!

Watch this space, as I might just be coming back on this subject. Here are a small selection of images, hopefully you will be able to tell the one Nikon shot compared to the iPhone pics?

This was shot on the Nikon….

It’s Great being a Photographer!!!!