Environmental Course

What a great day I had on Sunday, my perfect type of day with variety.

In the morning we ran an environmental digital portrait course over the local park, which is a great place for this type of work. Great enthusiastic delegates, all wrapped up for the October Autumn weather, the model Abigail changed colour during the 3 hour portrait session from white to red to blue, but it didn’t show in the pictures.

When I do this type of course, I talk about the Prime places to concentrate on, taking the best poses and pictures and then to look for secondary places to take a few other shots. Whilst going through the posing and lighting so much of it also is suitable for wedding posing and places, so its like a double seminar.

This is probably the 6th environmental course I have run this year (this is last until next April, as I’m not freezing for anyone) and the weather, therefore the light has been different for each one. This week is was lovely and soft, like having a big softbox around me, but it was still great to be able to show how just using the soft light and a silver reflector, makes such a difference to the pictures, the difference between turning a snap into a portrait.

Once again I decided to take a few shots with my iPhone, rather than my Nikon, its so easy and gives the delegates a different slant on things, each of them got some really great shots of every pose and position available with their own cameras


Here are a couple of shots taken of me and the pose from it, and then a couple I did on my iPhone.

The next blog will explain about the afternoon studio intermediate seminar I ran after the model had thawed out a little…