Anything for a Photograph…

Whilst running last weeks last Environmental portrait course of the year, I explain that with this type of work, things are always changing. You can go to the same place a week later and because of weather changes, your viewpoint can change.

This happened last week, as we walked from one PRIME location to another I saw a possible picture. I stopped and explained top the delegates what I had seen and how I would approach the situation.

The shot which you can see from these images was through a gap in 2 hedges, with a good deal of interesting depth behind the subject, leading up to a staircase (which we used a little later).

But I said the actual viewpoint should be at least a couple of feet higher than we were standing, (remember Ansel Adams quote, I often use. ‘A good photograph depends where you stand’) so without thinking I suggested someone jumped on my back (as we did not have any step ladders) to take the shot higher, to get a better shot….

Needless to say everyone thought this was a joke, until we did it, then everyone was keen to photograph me with a delegate in tow….

So here is the sequence of shots, with Lee Davis on my back and his shots. I will usually do anything to get the right shot, but this was beyond the call of duty.

It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!!