And Now for Something Completely Different…..

When I suggest to delegates to view my blog, I always say its educational and shows you the courses and results from those courses and also the sort of jobs I get asked to do from time to time, not the boring mundane ones of which there are a lot, but jobs that are a bit different.

Well last week we attended a Boxing Dinner & Dance in London, which I was doing totally for FREE for a local Teenage Cancer Trust who were trying to raise money for their cause. 360 rich punters eating dinner and baying for blood would be a better description of the evening, but still a lot of money was raised for the trust.

My job was to photograph anyone that was there, that meant in groups drinking and socialising (called Tatler shots) group table shots or team photos (controlled, and not photographing the backs of heads) and the big money auction sale (a signed photo of England ashes winning team went for £500) and of course a few boxing shots, as an aside.

It helped to have a couple of celebs there, like John Conteh and Bobby Davro to spice up the photos…plus there were GB Olympians from 1948 through to the present day….

Here are just a few of the evenings shots to give you a feel for the event…..

It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!!!