The Last One…..

Last week we ran our last ‘Light it, shoot it, retouch it’ course for the year and what a great one it was, a wonderful model in Mollie always so easy to photograph, I asked each delegate to send me their favorite image (or images) and I love to see how others see things.

Here I have put up their images (well 3 of them anyway) thank you to Kerry, Colin & Phil, its interesting from all the various shots that were set up and taken how people choose pictures which are similar.

These images are using butterfly lighting, beauty dish lighting as well as our usual soft box light, its great to see the softness that some photographers add afterwards (although this can look mushy if you are not careful), my personal favorite is the wind machine shot, only because Mollie has the right hair for this and its worked perfectly, and of course the saxophone shot, I have a soft spot for my saxophone, great lighting & great pose….I have to say I’m delighted with all the shots from this course as the standard is so high, I would have no problem offering this standard of work to our customers, which is what we set out to shoot on a regular daily basis….

One of the things I try and teach is, ‘you don’t TAKE a photo, YOU MAKE a photo’, it’s all about how you see a picture in your mind and you set out to achieve it, and these results prove just that…..Well done to all of you….

It was also good that all the delegates were of a similar standard in terms of computer knowledge as it was so much easier in the Photoshop part of the course, that all were able to grasp the nettle and run with it….With just a little bit of Photoshop knowledge you can improve your photography in leaps and bounds….

It’s Great being a Photographer!!!!