The waiting was worth it….

I’m now a Granddad, a grumpy Granddad none the less, but I’ve got what I have long wanted, a beautiful little Granddaughter….

My daughter has gone through a terrible pregnancy and birth and is still not well, but baby Darcy was well worth the wait….

Needless to say it will be the most photographed baby around, I took pictures in the hospital at 4 hours old. Nikon D700 with a 24-70 – f2.8 lens…The first pictures were taken were with hospital light only 1/125th sec @ f2.8 @ 3200 ISO….

Then I’ve taken various pictures by window light only, roughly the same exposures…

Then my daughter really wanted what she called the frog picture, so I went to her house and set up a couple of Elinchromes with softboxes and photographed a whole series of images over a 2 hour session. It was fun, but a lot more difficult than I expected. The room has to be very warm, (more like shooting in a greenhouse in August), otherwise you can’t take off babies clothes and it remain comfortable. I was shooting at 1/125th sec at f16. One as a main light at the front and one behind the baby to add depth.

When you consider Darcy was only two and a half weeks old, she was so alert and seemed to know she was being photographed.

I’m sure there will be more photographs of Darcy as she grows….

It’s Great being a Photographer!!!!