Boudoir Success

The first studio boudoir course we ran at a studios in Harlow (Flirt Studios) was a huge success, it was full (in fact we now have a waiting list for the next one), but the surprise was there was only one women delegate on the day.

This style of portraiture is now becoming big business for a lot of studios, with female photographers running businesses with it in a big way.

On the day we were all there and our model phoned in ill, so Tina from Flirt went to her list of girls and pulled in an excellent replacement, Janine complete with lots of tattoos and fiery red hair, making it a completely different shoot to what I had planned and expected, but it still worked out brilliantly well. It just goes to show, no matter how much planning you put into things, being able to adapt to changes is always important.

The 3 hour course took 4 hours, (so nothing new there then), which was split into 2 half’s. First in the studio shooting High and Mid key work. This was with different outfits and poses to get delegates settled and comfortable as well as the model. Then we went upstairs to shoot by window light in various room sets, which seemed to be the most popular area on the day, as the photos showed.

As ever I ask the delegates to send me a couple of their best or favourite images, as I saw so many great photos on the back of their cameras I always expect a load of work to be sent to me. Unfortunately for whatever reason, not that much has been forwarded, and surprisingly nearly all from the daylight shoot, and I wonder why that is.

I have shown here the images I was sent, by only a few….Even though, these are really lovely shots, and thank you to those who did….as you can see in one shot a delegate has tried his hand at retouching, which looks a little over done, and just a little too dark….

It will be interesting to see the next Boudoir shoot, with a different model, to see if the preference is the same???

If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for the next Boudoir day, just let me know.

It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!!