School Education…

As well as the courses I run from the studios, I get asked to travel all over the country lecturing to professionals on weddings and portraiture and more recently I’ve been asked to teach portraiture to ‘A’ students at school.

I have just finished a 4 week stint at a local secondary school, which started with me taking their individual portraits, after showing them lighting and posing, the following week I got them doing self portraits and finished with their own separate projects of work, some of which included portraiture.

As with everything I do, I ask delegates to send me their best or favourite image, it enables me to see how much people have taken in and their particular style, and enables me to put articles with images on this blog for everyone to learn from. Unfortunately for whatever reason only about half of the delegates actually send me anything at all???

But with the school kids it is even worse, as only one student out of 14 (certainly the best student and photographer in the class by far) sent me her best image (although its not a portrait) it was a great end result.

The set up of back-lighting water to make it look alive was great, the mess that ensued was worth it, for the exciting end result.

Here are a few images, firstly of the students which I took (in a classroom with a off white wall as the background) then a couple of iPhone shots I took of the students set ups and lastly the Plunging of a hand into water result….

It’s Great being a Photographer!!!