Great Shooting

Well its been busy to say the least with the usual 4 hour beginners courses each week and the Boudoir courses and we are now beginning to plan the start of the environmental courses, as the weather is looking a little more friendly.

Last week I was at ‘The Photography Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham, this is THE show for all types of Photographers, both amateur and professional, I certainly met a lot of you there and thank you for coming over and chatting…..

Two weeks ago we had a really great Intermediate Portrait Course, and I’m really pleased with the results that have been sent to me. After each of these classes I ask delegates to send me their favourite images, so I can see their progress and be able to show you what was shot. I have been really inundated this month with some great studio shots of Sarah, who said what a great bunch of enthusiastic photographers they were….

What I love this time around is how the delegates have gone one step further, with adding texture overlays (well done to Ronnie) and different crops, really adding to the feel and style of the images (well done Ann-Marie,

Gerry, Paul, and Hussein) it’s interesting how delegates have done something different with similar images, just goes to show that you can always improve an image in Photoshop with a little cropping….

Here are a few of the images taken and sent to me….

It’s Great being a Photographer!!!!