Landscape Disaster

I believe in education deeply, but the education you get after leaving school. No matter who you are or what you know, you can always learn more, and no subject more so than Photography.

With this in mind for the last 3 years since I stumbled over a brilliant landscape photographer Bruce Percy, I wanted to go on one of his courses. His blog is interesting to follow and his photography absolutely stunning, if that’s your taste. I often look at amazing sunsets and sunrises from around the world and often say, WOW I wish I had taken that….Bruce doesn’t do pretty, more stunning moody and dramatic….

I know that these types of shots do not come from leaning out of a car window on a drive out for the day, they have to be planned and worked at, its about being in the right place at the right time, (and lady luck then plays a big part in terms of weather), having the right gear to wear and the right camera equipment also plays a huge part in getting it right.

Although Bruce’s courses are very expensive, I have wanted to go on one for ages, as its on my ‘bucket list’, I’d love to do his Iceland trip, but really do not have the time, so I went for a Scotland 2 day workshop. I wanted him to teach me what it is really like to create a work of art and see it happening in front of me.

Now you might be saying, ‘Ray you teach photography, you have been a professional for 46 years, what the hell can anyone teach you’. That’s the point, I have spent all these years in my own sphere of social and commercial photography, but I have never stepped out to really shoot quality landscapes.

Customers put images I shoot for them up on their walls for years of pleasure and memories, I just wanted to take a shot of a beautiful landscape and put it on my office wall to admire for the remaining years I have.

Therefore imagine how upset and disappointed I feel that after all the money (£1500 for course, flights, special clothing and a whole set of expensive LEE 100 filters) and waiting for the course, which I booked 6 months ago, the whole weekend was a complete and utter washout. I did not take one single picture I’m even pleased with in a small way, to me it was a complete and utter disaster and left me feeling low. When I think of all the other things I want to do and don’t have the time for, this was a complete waste of three days of my life…and all this was without being treated like a second class animal, (no animals would get treated far better) by Easy Jet, which was appalling to put it mildly, but then why do I expect any more than appalling and dreadful….

It rained the whole time we were there (up on the West coast of Inverness) what made it worse is the weather back home was lovely, but probably the worst part was on the last hour before we packed up to leave Bruce showed us a set of gorgeous pictures taken at the place he wanted to take us to, but couldn’t because the rain was so bad (we tried 4 times to drive to Torringdon and turned back each time) and he said, ‘this is what you missed’. Yeh, great, talk about rub salt in your wounds, I went back home depressed and still trying to get over it…

So I will throw myself back into what I do best, on Wednesday I shot a wedding which was a great day (that will be the next blog) and just booked a date for one of my environmental courses, that proves the summers coming…

Here are a couple of the shots from the dreadful Scottish weekend….The best one is a portrait of the deer, in the pouring rain….

It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!!!