A Happy day !!!!

Recently I was asked, ‘are you happy’, a question that makes you think, long and hard…

Then he asked what makes you happy???

Well I had a day 2 weeks ago that made me very happy, and that was photographing a wedding. Its the first wedding I have photographed for about a year, and had the usual fears of would I still remember what to do….

Well I need not have any fears, I picked up the camera and flew through the day, and had so much fun all day.

The couple were delightful, the church beautiful, the vicar was so much fun (the sort of vicar that would feel churches every week) the weather was warm and bright and the guests were all there for the right reasons, you could say this was the perfect wedding.

The day just flew by and was over far too soon, but I took 882 digital images all of which was perfectly exposed right the way through, by shooting the way I teach of using ‘S’ at 200 ISo and let the aperture float and it worked perfectly….

If I was going to teach or train somebody in wedding photography this would have been the ideal day to do it….

Here are just a few images from a happy day…

It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!