Fear and Trepidation!!!

This week I was booked to go to Eton college to photograph a new Kitchen instillation for a client I have worked for over 30 years.

So often I turn up to these jobs just as the workman are leaving, which they always leave in a right state, as they don’t really care what comes next. I always say to my client I’m the dearest cleaner in the world, if I have to spend hours going around cleaning the units to be photographed and sweep the floors etc. It is so easy and cheap to get a cleaner in ahead of me and then it all works so well, all I need to concentrate on is the photographs.

I turned up in the pouring rain after a dreadful journey around the M25, and as I was early and it was all locked up, I decided to have a walk around the outside of the building and peer through the windows, which was a complete mistake.

To my shock and horror the place was an absolute mess, it looked awful and my heart sunk, as I was dreading the clean up process.

I sat back in the car waiting for staff and the clients project manager to arrive, all the time thinking about what I had to do before I could take a shot…

The catering assistant manager arrived and let me in, to look around and took me into the new kitchens and to my delight and amazement it was a wonderful spotless area of gleaming stainless steel cookers and such like like, (your’d think after all these years I know the names for these things). What I had seen from the outside was the dinning rooms where everything had been put during the refit, to say I was relieved would be an understatement. The client arrived and saw my delight at such a good job to photograph, this is my type of pleasure, being left alone to light and create images.

After 5 hours shooting 50 different images I was exhausted but happy, but not looking forward to a 2 hour drive around the M25. This was a great day…

It’s Great being a Photographer!!!!