A Brilliant Sunday Course

Sundays 4 hour introductory course was a little different this week, we had 4 cancellations (which is very rare), a great shame as we are fully booked for Sundays for the next 2 months, but more so because the atmosphere was absolutely lovely. It was really warm and friendly, a group of 4 came together, two friends came together, with a couple of other young singles, it made for a really chatty group. ¬†For me the total joy of these courses is seeing how people grow in front of my eyes over that 4 hour¬†period. One young lady with a new camera that has only used it a couple of times on the auto setting, took one of the best portraits from a delegate I have seen for ages. The group of 4 friends (husband & wife, mother & daughter) took some really great shots which were all different, I have selected just one portrait from each set of their images to show you how different people see the same model. Our model was Abigail, who I call our resident Sunday performer, as she excels in the studio being photographed and after drama school wants to be a dancer, which I’m sure she will achieve.

Don’t forget if you have any questions ‘Just Ask’.