See the BIGGER Picture

Well I’ve run the last environmental portraiture course of the year, and I rarely do one as late as October, as its unfair on the model, to ask her to stand around in the cold. Surprisingly the weather was a delightful a lovely Autumn morning.

When I explain and teach environmental portraiture I always spend time explaining that it is about the model (or subject) placed in an environment so the two work together, which is why you look at the background of your picture as much as you do the subject and lighting.

After this course as with all my courses I ask the delegates to send me their 3 favourite images, and its interesting that the delegates have sent me close up images of Mollie, instead of Mollie in the environment.

I know she is attractive and easy to photograph, but you can shoot head & shoulders of her in the studio on the other courses. If you are in the environment, you should use the beautiful grounds to enhance the subject making it a better picture.

Obviously on next years environmental courses I am going to have to emphasize that fact even more so.

The 6 Head & Shoulders at the end are by the delegates, are really lovely, but….

The first set of images I took on my iPhone….


Its Great Being a Photographer!!!!