Circle of Life

A commercial client I have worked for 30 years, contacts me to shoot a job, they then send me a brief with address etc. I book it and go along on the day to meet with my contact and then shoot what is required to the best of my creativity.

When the shoots are in London I rarely look at a map (as I know it so well) I just drive to that area and then the Say Nav guide me to the site.

Last week I had the surprise of my life when the Sat Nav took me to the back entrance of my old secondary school. A place around the back of Kings Cross that I have not returned to in 50 years, as I hated school and did not have found memories. It was a strange eerie feeling, as the school had been totally rebuilt as a high school, but a few of the old brick buildings were still standing with the new parts stuck on the side. I have to say none of it looked familiar except the sports field, which is now all new tarmac.

With a strange feeling inside me, I proceeded to shoot the requirements as per the brief, which the client now has. I hope I never have to go back there.

The photos show just a few of the 100 shots I took throughout the site that day


It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!