Cold Wedding Day

Last week I had the joy of photographing a wedding that I have been looking forward to for some time, as it was a lovely couple at a great venue, one of those places where you really couldn’t take a bad image.

I know when someone books a wedding for November you expect the worst weather and expect to take every shot inside, but NO, although it was really cold it was dry and even the sun came out for a little while. so taking a good set of images was definitely on the cards. The one down side is we ran out of time, as normally happens at weddings, there never seems to be enough time, but then you have to remember this is not a fashion shoot for your benefit, it’s a couples wedding day of which you are just a small part. To everyone else the same as the caterers, and lots of guests actually think the food is more important than the photos.

I’m really pleased with the results and I had a great day out, I needed warming up afterwards and in fact my assistant for the day, had to take the next few days off work because she got a cold….

I’m now looking forward to my next wedding, next year….

It’s Great Being a Photographer!!!!